Mike Simms

Following in my father’s footsteps, from an early age I developed a passion to become the next generation of Simms Builders. I received a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Kentucky.

I make it a point to be involved with every aspect of construction of your new home from initial meetings with the clients to overseeing the design with our in-house designer (Shannon Ruby) and interior designer (Kerry Coovert). I personally supervise each home and am available to speak with customers on and off the job site throughout all stages of construction.

Home building is not just my business; it is something that I am excited about! It has been a way of life in our family for four generations. I have been fortunate through the building process to meet some incredible people that have become life-long friends.

Shannon Ruby

Shannon Ruby joined our team in 2007. His initial responsibility was to provide design services for custom homes built by our parent company, HBS Development. Since then, he has added the role of Project Manager/ Designer for Simms Custom Remodeling. Shannon began designing residential homes in 1997. Over the next four years he worked with several Dayton area architects and another home builder for whom he managed the building process from design through completion. Between 2001 and 2003 he attended Western Michigan University, earning a degree in construction engineering / management. He returned to the Miami Valley after graduating and did commercial projects before joining our firm. Shannon has in depth, first-hand knowledge of construction and building codes. He also has a unique ability to put on paper what exists in someone’s mind.

Totha Hurt

Totha Hurt, on staff since 1990, is a key member of our administrative team. College-trained in accounting, her primary functions are those tasks necessary to effectively manage accounts payable and receivable. Totha’s experience in handling the financials of our firm makes her duties critical to the successful operation of the company. Her involvement in project invoicing, change orders, draws and other vital tasks places her at the forefront of sustaining good relations with clients, employees, subcontractors and suppliers.

Bill Simms

As the original owner of HBS Development and current Board President, Bill brings a wealth of knowledge of the building industry to the residential and commercial building process. He supports Mike with field supervision and works with many of the vendors, subs and contractors. His expertise helps to provide solutions in unique, custom design needs as well as day to day tasks to make sure the little things do not fall through the cracks. You will see Bill in the field, in the office and working with many of the trades. He definitely is the heart of the company dating back over forty years!

Tara Miller

Tara Miller is the newest member of our staff. Combining 9 years of Real Estate experience as a licensed agent in the Miami Valley with her former experience working with a Nationwide Home Builder and Design Work on her own personal properties, Tara brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of the Home Building and Design Process. Tara will support you from foundation to finish in helping you to make sure your home interior design flows and is the look that you want to achieve. She will be with you at almost all of your appointments and will make sure that your selections are on schedule so that decisions are made and the building process continues smoothly from your end. Tara will be a main point of contact between you and the vendors and will help to take the pressure off making those detailed decisions. She will help you determine what style you want and to help to make your house feel like a home.

Sarah Simms

Sarah Simms officially joined HBS 8 years ago. She comes with a degree in Business Administration from The University of Kentucky. You will see Sarah around the office as she helps with many day to day tasks as well supporting Totha with invoicing and billing. Once your home is finished, you will be working with her personally on any service calls at 30 days and then again at a year to make sure that your finished home is meeting your expectations. We build a solid, beautiful custom home but we know that things do happen. Whether it is a common nail pop or an appliance that doesn’t seem to be working correctly, Sarah is your main point of contact if something does occur. She will work with all of the trades to problem solve and make fixes that may come up. Sarah continues the relationship HBS has built with you during the building process after you move in and throughout your first year.

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